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Blue Sky Estates Mobile Home Community
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Plywood Rowing Boat Plans

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Plywood Rowing Boat Plans - Boat Building Kits

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Blue Sky Estates Mobile Home Community (Formerly named Burkhart's MHP) has been part of the Clarksville community for many years. The new ownership and management structure is dedicated to making the Blue Sky Estates community a safe and happy place to live for good folks and their families.

It's centralized location is close to shopping, restaurants, many churches, downtown, schools, and the Cumberland river (see map). The community includes on-site management and maintenance, large lots, soccer field, nature trails, neighborhood watch and video security, and a community of good, hard working folks who watch out for each other. Other community events include our free annual family barbeque cookout, Easter egg hunt, Spirit-of-Christmas contest, 4th of July Fireworks,and the local church annual celebration/giveaway just to name a few.

We offer a variety of homes for Sale or Rent-to-Own if you're interested in owning a home but can't afford a down payment. Bad credit is ok and no application fee is required, we understand these tough economic times have hit everyone hard.
All units are avalable as Rent-to-Own. Where else can you own a home and pay lot rent only at end of the term (currently 200.00/month), that's hard to beat!!!

Most homes are 2 bedroom / 1 bath, RTO terms are 3-5 years.

250.00, and 350.00 Rent-to-Own homes (including lot rent) may require minor work, Price depends on home condition.

350.00 to 425.00 Rent-to-Own homes (including lot rent) for top-of-the-line renovated homes.

There are also a variety of open lots to choose from if you'd like to move your home into the Blue Sky Family community and pay lot rent only (200.00/ month). Come on down and pick one out! Move-in specials include moving expense finiancing, free skirting or deck/steps, and 2 months free rent are also available, ask the manager for details.

Apply on-line or come on by (see contact info and map for phone#, office hours, address, and how to get there) 

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